My statement create compelling views of our world, society, that more beyond time and place/Full environments  for your mind to explore your senses to imagine. I create "inspired expressionist me", painting my own ideas on canvas and inviting you to provide the narrative.I share my enigmatic vision and invites you to imagine your own story. I offer hints of the mood,through atmosphere and bright colours, suggesting a moment of the life.

My paintings grant you the chance to go back and explore a special place that fuels the imagination.There is the reason I am drawn toward mystery, chaos, beauty, it is the language of god and nature. To me, there is nothing more provocative that sensuality and beauty together.

it inspires deep reflection and motivates to create. I mix from a primary color palette wet into wet and add sometimes pieces of paper, journal and other objects to reveal and hide what lies behind. In this way. I put you into the paintings. I love it when people share the feeling of the stories that my paintings evoked.The fundamental elements of my creations reveal my passions.